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Jackie, the older brother, is a sensitive boy who wants to protect his younger brother Melvin from bullies. He will develop a strong sense of justice who will lead him to a career in police.
Melting, the younger one, grows in the shadow of his older brother fighting to find his own way.
They are bound in a strong relationship of love and hate, but one day life will bring them on two opposite sides of the barricade. During some clashes between police and protesters, Jackie is hit by a molotov cocktail that will bring him to fight for his life.
As it happens, Malvin is part of the group of protesters who threw the molotov to his brother.
In a very dramatic finale, both will learn the hard way that talking to each other is the only way to solve their problems. 




FRANCESCO BARTOLI, aka FRANK is a very promising neuroscientist; he is making researches on the coca leaf, a natural resource indigenous in Andean countries where it is cultivated and was used for more than five thousand years.

FRANK’s research could disrupt enormous economic interest in the trade of big pharma and of coca-derived beverages as well as in the underworld of narcotraffickers. 



“Sulla Riva” tells the story of an old farmer who seeks for redemption, having reached almost the end of his days, through an action of revenge towards the killer of a young man that he witnessed being executed, 20 years before. Following the narrative archetype of the “stranger”, the film explores “chambara” (referred to japanese "sword fighting" movies) in the different settings of a venetian countryside and society of the XVIII century.

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